Helene Boshoven Samuel – Everything about Heidi Klum’s Daughter

Heidi Klum is a very famous model. She started her career as a model a few years back and now she has a separate fan base in the world. Interestingly her only daughter Helene Boshoven is equally famous among the people. Though she is very young. Helene Boshoven doesn’t have an appearance on social media but still many people admire her for her beauty and fashion sense.

It is a perk of being a celebrity kid that you get famous without doing any extra effort. If you want to know more about Helene Boshoven keep reading the article below.heidi-klum

Helene Boshoven Early Life

Helene Boshoven was born in May 2004 in New York City. Her mother Heidi Klum and her biological father Flavio Briatore got their separation even before Helene Boshoven was born. She is the only child of her parents. Her biological father doesn’t even bring her up. After her birth, Helene Boshoven’s mother got married to a singer named Seal. Seal Samuel gave Helene Boshoven her surname and adopted her as a father. Helene Boshoven has step-siblings from her father Seal. Though after her mother Heidi got separation from the seal, he still took care of Helene Boshoven. For him, Helene was no less than a daughter.

According to some sources, it is said that Seal was present in the delivery room when Helene Boshoven was born. Right after her birth, he adopted her. And gave Helene her name. In many interviews, Heidi mentioned several times that she believes Seal was a true father to her daughter Helene. He took care of her, brought her up and gave Helene Boshoven everything that a father should give to her daughter.

Helene Boshoven Schooling and Career

There is no such information available about her school or early studies. But it is believed that Helene Boshoven is as smart as her mother. She must be a brilliant kid. Helen is a combination of two worlds. Her mother is German, here as her biological father is Italian. So got intelligence from both.

Though Helene Boshoven hasn’t decided her career ye, it seems like she will follow the footsteps of her mother. She has incredible fashion sense, looks, and figure. She has some amazing poses in the photographs as well.

Some More Facts About Helene Boshoven

HKI_4The following are some of the most asked questions about Helene Boshoven. Let’s give them a read.

Helene Boshoven Social Media Accounts

Helene Boshoven is still not present on social media. She doesn’t have any Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts. In spite of being absent from social media, she still has a huge fan base. That’s because she is a celebrity kid.

Helene Boshoven Boyfriend

For all those asking about Helene Boshoven’s boyfriend, For God’s sake, she is just a kid yet.

Helene Boshoven Net Worth

Helene Boshoven doesn’t start her career yet. So it is impossible to calculate her net worth. But her mom Heidi Klum is a very famous model and media person. The net worth of Heidi is estimated at $90 million.5342-heidi-klum