Living together as a couple: some tips to not despair in the attempt

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Living together as a couple

One of the most important steps in a romantic relationship is when we decide to live with our partner.

There are many advantages, such as enjoying each day without having to separate at night, not invading the drawer of the other’s house when we stay to sleep, etc. Although, like everything, it also has difficult aspects to deal with if we do not treat them correctly, and this can turn from a dream into a nightmare. Many concepts of the relationship change, and some such as flexibility, patience and tolerance are accentuated above all.

The key: establish rules, set guidelines for coexistence. In addition, the success of coexistence will depend largely on our attitude towards conflicts. Going to live together supposes a change in the couple, of that there is no doubt, and as such, the relationship will require certain modifications as well. According to experts, it is essential not to lose the individuality of each, being oneself is something that no one can take away from us, and we must respect ourselves in all our customs. When situations arise that we both do not share in terms of thoughts and ways of seeing things, it is best to share it with our partner as soon as possible, in order to find solutions as quickly as possible. Although it is not necessary that all disputes be resolved on the same day, sometimes there are issues that require more time, more space or even both, so we will let the atmosphere cool down a bit until we are ready to return.

Keys to a good coexistence as a couple

Вe leave some tips that will help coexistence:

  1. Communication: As we have explained on other occasions, this is the first point to understand each other. To start living together, the most important conversation is the one you have before the first night: make clear the roles that each one will have, household chores, shopping, house repairs, etc.
  2. Understanding: We have to know how to put ourselves in the other’s point of view. Each person is a world and we will not always agree with all the decisions we make. It is also important to make decisions together and not go it alone.
  3. Respect: Not invading the space of the other will be paramount so as not to wear out the coexistence in a few days. At first, living together is so popular that we do not want to separate from our partner, but we must be aware that it is good for each one to continue with their hobbies and getaways with friends, family, etc., without the need for the other to always be there. next to. In this way, when we meet again, we will want to be together again more than ever.
  4. Escape from the routine: The day to day, inevitably, plunges us into a routine and small problems arise that we must move away whenever we have a few hours together to do some different activity: go to lunch or dinner out, go to the movies, theater, meet friends, walk, etc. Any plan as a couple is a good option to disconnect away from the four walls.
  5. Affection: Although we know that we love each other very much, it is important to say it and remember it, in addition to knowing it, listening to it and feeling it will do us good for those moments when coexistence becomes more difficult. Linked to this concept is recognition : it is a great satisfaction for the other person to know that they are admired, we must let them know and we will create a more positive environment.
  6. Intimacy: To keep the flame of love alive, in addition to household chores and who makes the food and who buys it, we must not forget the little moments of passion, showing us the attraction we feel for each other. Now, living together, we will have it easier to find those moments of intimacy.
  7. Patience: We put it last on this list of tips, but it is one that we must work on the most, especially with ourselves. As the days go by within the same four walls, everything that we saw as perfect about our partner begins to turn into small imperfections that we just didn’t know about her until we moved in together. We have to assess whether it is really important to draw his attention, in order to prevent a possible argument.