Brittany Renner – Caregiver, Salesgirl & Zumba Instructor Turned Influencer

Social media influencers are emerging to be the most vital of all the influencers. Social media and YouTube stars are growing day by day. Brittany Renner is one of the famous fitness models and coach along with a media star. The gorgeous social media influencer has gained popularity with the help of her amazing body and ravishing looks. She was a caregiver, a salesgirl along with a Zumba instructor who turned out to be an amazing influencer for people all around the world through the help of social media.

Early Life

Brittany Renner was born on the 26th of February 1992 in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. The nationality of Brittany Renner is American however, she has a mixed ethnicity of African-American and Caucasian heritage. The information about her family includes growing up with a poor single mom and two siblings including a brother named Steven and a sister named Lexie.

The childhood of Brittany Renner wasn’t so happy, rather it was pretty dysfunctional. Her father was constantly in and out of jail, she last went to visit him in prison when she was about 15 years old. In the hurricane of her life, Brittany found her true passion for the love of soccer. She pursued her career in the field of soccer and when she completed her high school with a diploma, she furthered obtained a scholarship in soccer and went to Jackson State University. At that time, she became a part of the winning titleholder team of soccer of Jackson State University.


brittany renner

At the start of her career, Brittany Renner faced a lot of jobs and had to quit them all, she was once a caregiver then came to market as a salesgirl. Brittany worked as a Zumba instructor for a while as well. When Brittany came across social media, she rose to stardom. She saw the opportunity and decided to make sure to make the most out of it. She took her gorgeous figure and beautiful looks and posted gorgeous pictures of herself on Instagram and soon turned out to be one of the most followed influencers across the world. She would usually post her pictures with captions and hashtags which included ‘#FitThickArmy’.

The Instagram pictures of Brittany Renner gave her a lot of fame and popularity. She created a public image of herself as an influencer. She portrayed herself as someone who would influence people in the aspect of fitness and beauty. She is described as a fitness personality and an aspiring actress. She has approximately 5.2 million followers on Instagram and she is one of the most influencing personalities on Instagram. These social media posts provided her with a ton of opportunities. She was hired by many brands to be a part of their boot camps, seminars, and events.

Brittany posted a fitness video on her YouTube channel which got 128k views whereas her YouTube subscribers are about 16,000. Brittany is also famous on Twitter with 325k people following her. On the other hand, Brittany was encouraged a lot by her social media accounts that she decided to launch her own fitness website. On her website, she offers fitness as well as sports apparel which includes, tracksuits, yoga pants, legging, stretchy shirts and shorts, etc.

Along with a website, Brittany Renner also owns a fitness app through which the users can access to routine workouts, meditations, and yoga classes.

Brittany Renner Personal Life

Brittany Renner grew up in a small house having financial issues with her single working mom and two siblings. The family of four always had each other’s back. Brittany’s father is known to be in prison for an offense and he has been in and out all of Brittany’s life. Brittany Renner’s family is not much associated with their father, the last known time when Brittany went to see her father was when she was 15 years old.

The beautiful fitness influencer has herself claimed to have slept with 5 entertainers, 11 regular men, and 11 pro-athletes. Some of these personalities that Brittany Renner claims to have slept with include, Drake, Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Lil Uzi Vert and a college boyfriend of hers named Casey Therriault.

Brittany has claimed to not have beautiful relationships and yet only one night’s stands and meaningless affairs. She claimed not to have someone loyal in her life and she said that she hasn’t found the right one by now.

Additional Facts

Brittany Renner worked as a hooters waitress in her early time.

Brittany is also an author and wrote her own book named Judge This Cover which was released in October 2018.
She was one of the most amazing soccer players of her time. Brittany won the 2010 SWAC championship in her time at the Jackson State University.
Brittany was hired for boot camps by companies including Microsoft and Xbox.
Brittany Renner Net Worth
Brittany has been one of the most successful social media influencers. She worked a couple of jobs but her job as a Zumba instructor made her realize that she can do much more with her time. She turned out to be a social media influencer with her passion for fitness and enthusiasm. She started posting videos and pictures of her enviable body along with fitness and workout tips.

Most of Brittany Renner’s income comes from her social media pages and YouTube channel along with her website and application of her fitness and workout routine. The estimated worth of social media influencers is about $500,000 or $0.5 million.


The career of Brittany Renner rose to stardom and she soon turned to be an influencer. This influencer was so motivational that she has said to change lives. Brittany is one of the most followed influencers on social media especially her accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Brittany has been a successful influencer, thanks to her own fitness website along with her own application on mobile phones which provides work out and fitness routines to her fans.