Important topics that every couple should talk about. And you, have you already talked about them all?

Important topics that every couple should talk about

As we explained in another article, communication is the basis of any relationship. It is very important that in a couple you both communicate, either to express happiness or some problem. Of these conversations, there are some topics that yes or yes you have to deal with together to, in some way, assess how the relationship is working and if the two of you follow the same path or the intentions are different.

What does the word “marriage” mean to us?

The first question you should ask yourself is: “what do I want from a marriage?” A good method of knowing the other’s response is to make a separate list and write down those things that you consider to be key for a marriage to work. Then, put it in common and discuss what you do not fully agree on. Consider it as a “self-examination” to know if what you want you are achieving or not.

  • Some of the topics to be discussed that could come up would be: intimate relationships, the economy, household chores…
    What kind of sexual relationships do we seek, are we interested in and like the most?

What is the percentage of importance you give to sex? Depending on this answer, this topic will be more or less relevant in your marriage. Now, for most couples, it is a topic that is frequently discussed. Talking about sexual relations is an opportunity to tell what each one needs and expects from the other. Thus, you will be able to understand the expectations of each one when making love. It is also important to make clear certain reactions that are normal for one, but very rare for the other. So that neither of you suffers or worries more than necessary, you have to explain how you are in this regard.

  • Some of the topics to be discussed that could come out would be: positions, caresses, lingerie, places, etc…
    How do we share household chores as a couple?

Marriage is happiness, love, but that does not define everything. There are also obligations that each one must fulfill, and that is where sometimes the two people find more differences, because they have not previously defined who will take care of what. It is very important to explain to the other what tasks you are best at, what you like to do, what you prefer the other person to do, etc. Coexistence is not easy, but if you organize yourself well, you can live happily and without any kind of problem in this regard.

  • Some of the topics to be discussed that could come up would be: cooking, cleaning, shopping, etc.
    How do we deal with the subject of money in the family environment?

One of the problems of many marriages is the economy. Before entering the marriage or going to live together, it is necessary to define very well how the economic issues are going to be handled from that moment on.

  • Some of the topics to be discussed that could come up would be: the basic purchase of the week, rent or mortgage, savings, the use of credit cards, the common account, etc.

How will we raise our children?

The issue of children is one of the most important, and also one of the least talked … read more

Living together as a couple: some tips to not despair in the attempt

Living together as a couple

One of the most important steps in a romantic relationship is when we decide to live with our partner.

There are many advantages, such as enjoying each day without having to separate at night, not invading the drawer of the other’s house when we stay to sleep, etc. Although, like everything, it also has difficult aspects to deal with if we do not treat them correctly, and this can turn from a dream into a nightmare. Many concepts of the relationship change, and some such as flexibility, patience and tolerance are accentuated above all.

The key: establish rules, set guidelines for coexistence. In addition, the success of coexistence will depend largely on our attitude towards conflicts. Going to live together supposes a change in the couple, of that there is no doubt, and as such, the relationship will require certain modifications as well. According to experts, it is essential not to lose the individuality of each, being oneself is something that no one can take away from us, and we must respect ourselves in all our customs. When situations arise that we both do not share in terms of thoughts and ways of seeing things, it is best to share it with our partner as soon as possible, in order to find solutions as quickly as possible. Although it is not necessary that all disputes be resolved on the same day, sometimes there are issues that require more time, more space or even both, so we will let the atmosphere cool down a bit until we are ready to return.

Keys to a good coexistence as a couple

Вe leave some tips that will help coexistence:

  1. Communication: As we have explained on other occasions, this is the first point to understand each other. To start living together, the most important conversation is the one you have before the first night: make clear the roles that each one will have, household chores, shopping, house repairs, etc.
  2. Understanding: We have to know how to put ourselves in the other’s point of view. Each person is a world and we will not always agree with all the decisions we make. It is also important to make decisions together and not go it alone.
  3. Respect: Not invading the space of the other will be paramount so as not to wear out the coexistence in a few days. At first, living together is so popular that we do not want to separate from our partner, but we must be aware that it is good for each one to continue with their hobbies and getaways with friends, family, etc., without the need for the other to always be there. next to. In this way, when we meet again, we will want to be together again more than ever.
  4. Escape from the routine: The day to day, inevitably, plunges us into a routine and small problems arise that we must move away whenever we have a few hours together to do some different activity: go to lunch or dinner out, go to the movies, theater, meet friends, walk, etc. Any plan as a couple is a good option to disconnect away from the four walls.
  5. Affection: Although we know that we love each other very much, it is important to say it and remember it, in
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Did you know ? There is now an LGBT & Kamasutra+

Alongside the famous Kamasutra, intended for heteronormative sexuality, Sidaction is launching Kamasutra+, an illustrated project to educate about inclusive sex.

“Love has no borders, neither those of bodies nor those of gender. But love has a beginning: self-love. So let’s throw away everything that holds us back. Let’s celebrate the body, lengthwise, crosswise, across, upside down”. This is how the Kamasutra+ imagined by Sidaction, in collaboration with the Kiblind studio and the agency The Good Company, was introduced.


The objective is both to address all genders, but also all sexualities, by continuing to educate on ways to protect yourself from HIV . Sidaction’s general manager, Florence Thune, summed up the project by the desire to “celebrate and protect all loves”. ” To protect yourself against HIV you need fulfilling and consenting sex . At that time, you are more likely to find ways to take care of yourself and protect yourself against HIV,” she added.

Sex toys , condoms, hair, different morphologies, or even post-mastectomy scars … The Kamasutra+ raises awareness of prevention but also educates the eye on the diversity of bodies . To build it, many artists have participated, such as Genie Espinosa, author of the drawing “The bulb to change”, Eniko Katalin Eged who signs “The garden of delights”, Jack Cachete at the initiative of the position known as “The frog”, Marie Boiseau who represents “the mouthwash”.

Aesthetic and humorous, the guide dusts off the very heteronormative vision of the classic Kamasutra and shows more realistic scenes around the search for pleasure , regardless of the type of sexuality one has embraced.

The pretzel position in bed, you know? It looks technical like that, but it’s not that complicated to achieve. Explanations.

We sometimes have the impression that to renew ourselves in bed , we would have to be adventurous, even if it means taking the risk of breaking a leg in the act. Does this tire you out in advance? The Women’s Health website has a suggestion for you, guaranteed to be acrobatic free and easy to reproduce: the pretzel position.

First, it is practiced lying down, on a bed or elsewhere, it’s up to you. It is intended for two people, one who penetrates and the other penetrated, but is not limited to heterosexual couples, specifies the site. It adapts to all genres.


To set it up, one of you must lie on your right side. The other kneels down with your right leg below him (or her), and swings your left leg over his hips. In this way the left leg is “wrapped” around his chest, hence the name “pretzel”…

The position not only allows an optimal angle in terms of penetration (a bit like doggy style), but above all offers the possibility of being completely connected to the other by being face to face, and to be able to look at each other . The bonus? Your hands are free. Women’s Health suggests using it to add pleasure… It’s up to you!

Far from the received idea which consists in thinking that sexual performance is authentic, hearing one’s own demands is just as decisive. And … read more

Are sex toys medically useful?

Are sex toys medically useful

Increasingly popular with women, these accessories are sometimes used as medicines. Here are in which situations.

Initially intended for the sexual pleasure of women and men, the sex toy can also have medical properties. We take stock with sexologist and andrologist.

To conceive a child

Sex toys are first prescribed to men wishing to conceive a child and presenting difficulties in triggering ejaculation . In this case, applying a vibrating object to the penis for a few minutes most often makes it possible to obtain an ejaculation, which would not be possible for them through masturbation or during sexual intercourse.

The collected sperm can then be introduced into the vaginal area as a couple (with a simple small plastic pipette) or during a course of medically assisted procreation (MAP) if the woman has fertility concerns. If these men do not manage to ejaculate, it is because they may be in a situation of handicap – with paraplegia or quadriplegia, that is to say an attack on the spinal cord affecting not only motor skills legs, but also the ejaculation reflex.

Others have a neurological disease that has the same impact on the ejaculatory reflex. Still other men cannot trigger ejaculation for psychological reasons and in this case, even if psychotherapy is the most suitable treatment, while waiting for concrete changes, a vibrating sex toy can be used to collect sperm.

In case of female anorgasmia

When a woman has difficulty reaching orgasm , there are sex therapy treatments, including both a psychological approach and the prescription of practical exercises.

But in the case of total anorgasmia, that is to say if the woman has never had an orgasm, if, after a certain time of treatment, the results are not there, ” he It may be appropriate to use a vibrating sex toy to apply it near the clitoris, in order to allow a woman to experience the orgasmic sensation “, explains. However, you have to be careful, because the brain easily gets used to this type of vibrating stimulation, and it can subsequently have difficulty reaching an orgasm by simple caresses or during sexual intercourse!

An artificial penis to the rescue of sexual health?

In women suffering from vaginismus (impossible or very painful penetration), sexologists recommend the use of vaginal dilators, utensils of increasing size (from a very small size to a size similar to an erect penis), so that the woman gradually practice introducing this object and taming her vulva and her vestibule (entrance to her vaginal area).

But we can’t really call it a sex toy, because this exercise is rather stressful for women, and quite far from a game! Another situation: certain patients presenting with a total impossibility to obtain an erection following an operation for prostate cancer sometimes use an artificial penis attached by a belt for a sexual relationship with their partner. One of them, very reluctant at first, found an improvement by warming the utensil before sex, and she now tells her husband: ” It’s not so bad, finally, it looks a lot like ours. intercourse before the operation, because the movement is still you who do it! ”.… read more

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Croydon escorts

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Find the Perfect Girl To Hang Around With in London!

fitness girls

Does a buxom charm entice your senses or do you want to discover exotic Asian girls, maybe it’s the small nymphets that get you all worked up? Whatever rocks your boat, you can find fitness girls who will bring all your erotic dreams to life in London. If you believe that you need to charm girls the conventional way by wining and dining her, you could not be more incorrect.

Not only is this a time and money taking in endeavour but also the satisfaction are late in the coming. On the other hand, if you are not averse to delighting in the earliest trade in the world, you could find hot London fitness girls on your arms within the hour and without going through the grind of courtship. Plus their services are cheap. What more could you possibly request for?

So, what kind of fitness girls do you wish to discover in London?

The first thing that ought to be clarified here is that it is options galore when you want to discover fitness girls in London and you can just choose of hot MILFs or girls who would head out of their method to please you in more ways than one. If you are into something particular sexually, you will also discover girls in London who are willing to indulge your fantasies for cheap, whether you delight in playing the leading or the bottom or enjoy video games for 3.

Where can you choose your night or weekend of cheap fun with London fitness girls?

Hot Tanned Brunette EscortThat is totally as much as you. It is possible to discover fitness girls who will come to a hotel or to your house in London or you might inquire to fulfill at a dining establishment and take it from there. You can discover women to travel outside the city with. The most significant advantage of spending time with expert fitness girls is that there is no guideline book. What this suggests is that you could take these ladies to a club or to the beach or get right in bed with them all for cheap. It’s your call completely.

How to discover fitness girls for cheap?

There are several online facilities that work as the middlemen in between fitness girls and their customers. You can discover these agencies through the web; in reality, they more than happy to use information on their ladies through their websites. You will be given access to a database of women with their images and important stats. So, you understand precisely what to expect when that doorbell rings.

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How much would you reasonably spend for the services of fitness girls?

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