Marie Besnier Beauvalot Bio, Life, Career, Net Worth

You might have heard about the Besnier family before. Besnier is a very well known and famous family in France. They are the owner of the largest dairy company that is known as the Lactalis group. Marie Besnier is the daughter of Christian and Michael Bernier. She is also a businesswoman and she knows some business tactics very well. After the death of her father, she is looking after some parts of her company. And running it very successfully. 

If you are interested in Marie Besnier’s personal life, career, bio, and net worth and then don’t go anywhere and read the article below. 

Marie Besnier Early Life And Schooling

Marie Besnier opener her eyes for the first time in France in July 1980. She is the only daughter of this family. So it is enough to guess that she was a much-pampered child of her parents. Marie Besnier has two elder brothers. Marie never talked about her school and college life. But according to some authentic sources she is one of the people who became a billionaire without having a college degree. 

Marie’s father Michael’s is a very well known businessman and founder of Lactalis. 

Marie Besnier Career

 Marie’s father passed away in the year 2000. It was a very tough time for the Besnier family. Her father took her last breath in their old home in Spain. After his death, Marie Besnier got a 20.7% share of the company. Though she was quite young at that time. But still, she has performed some incredible job in making her father’s business survive. She is looking at some departments of the company along with her two brothers and mother. 

She is one of the richest women in the world and still working very hard to achieve more. 

Marie Besnier Personal Life

Marie Besnier is very secretive about her personal life. She never wanted to be a public figure. That’s why she never discussed her married life. But though she is one of the richest women of the world, and known by hundreds of people she can’t hide her marriage. Yes, Marie Besnier is a married woman. She got married to the love of her life Stephane Beauvalot in a private ceremony back in 2008. The couple never disclosed when are planning to have kids. 

This happy couple is currently living in France. 

Marie Besnier Net Worth

Back in 2000 when she got her share from her father’s company, the net worth of Marie Besnier was 2.5 billion dollars. She worked very hard afterward and proved herself to be a very successful businesswoman. Recently the net worth of Marie Besnier is estimated at $4.6 billion. 

Marie Besnier is one number 8, in the list of world’s richest women under the age of 40. You can’t ignore the fact that she has earned a lot in very little time. Marie Besnier is an inspiration for so many women out there.

That’s all about Marie Besnier’s personal life and bio.

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