Beena Patel: Everything to Know About Hasan Minhaj Wife

Hasan Minhaj is a famous personality with several talents. He is a comedian, a director, a tv host, a commentator, and a political analyst. He even has an amazing partner on his side to support him. This article focuses on Beena Patel rather than her famous husband. Beena Patel is Hasan Minhaj’s wife. Here, you will find out everything you need to know about Hasan Minhaj wife.

Exciting Facts About Beena Patel

Even though Beena Patel is not a celebrity like her husband, she has a lot of skills and experience in one of the noblest fields, medicine. She always seems like a kind-hearted lady whose aim is to support her loved ones. In the love tale of Hasan Minhaj and Beena Patel, Beena was a significant influence on the whole life and career of her husband, Hasan.

Hasan admits that before he met her, he was a guy with low bachelor needs. Currently, their apartment’s wall is full of portraits from their reception and marriage ceremony. The comedian also says Beena has made him get used to several small things that make life more enjoyable. Many admirers of Hasan find him and Beena to be objectives for their relationship goals.

hasan minhaj wife

Even though Beena has a hectic routine, she sometimes makes time to accompany Hasan to various red carpets and social events. It shows her affection towards the love of her life. She is mostly private on social media since she devotes all her time to her family and job.

About Beena Patel’s Life And Career Achievements

Although Beena Patel Minhaj is Hasan Minhaj wife, it does not underestimate her achievements and career growth. She is an inspirational person with many successes and achievements.

Many people adored Hasan Minhaj wife. It is also a well-known fact that without his beloved wife, the comedian can not live. However, she has many other places of interest and activities than to help her family. She is a private person as compared to her husband. She does not flaunt her rich life on social media, as some celebrity wives do.

Early Life

This gorgeous lady, Beena Patel, was born in the United States. Her actual age is unspecified, as she never officially revealed her date of birth. However, as they both were college sweethearts, it’s fair to say that Beena is similar to her husband in age. Her citizenship is American, but she originates from the region of South Asia, more specifically India. She came from a Hindu family and followed the faith of Hinduism. Even in her everyday life, she incorporates some concepts from this society. 

In 2003, Beena Patel finished secondary school and went on to gain higher education. She opted for California College, Davis, as her alma mater. For her majors, she picked neurobiology, psychology, and physiology. She eventually graduated in these fields with a Bachelor’s degree four years later, in 2007. Next year, she received a Master’s degree in the Public Health field. However, this did not interrupt Beena’s professional development. She even went to the University of California, Los Angeles, in pursuit of a Doctor’s Degree.

Throughout her UCLA years, she was very active and got involved in many medical events organized by different healthcare establishments. Because of her success, when she graduated from university in 2013, Beena won a coveted Roemer prize. Today, she has an outstanding profile on LinkedIn. She is an inspirational personality for many people around the world.

Beginning of Their Relation

hasan minhaj wife

The two lovebirds met during their studies at the University of California. They became good friends together and finally began a romantic relationship. However, because of Hindu traditions, Beena chose not to move in with his spouse until they had married formally. When they finally got their apartment in New York, Beena was the one who was responsible for its decoration, which shows that she has a lot of different talents. Their apartment was not very expensive. But, they filled it with a sense of home and hospitality. 

After moving from Los Angeles to New York, they felt it would be cool to have a fantastic view of the apartment. They looked long enough for their perfect home, and eventually, they found it. Beena selected the actual location in which they live. They can see the river from the west side of the Hudson River from their home. In her opinion, seeing the water when they come home, mainly when the sun goes down, is calming, quiet, and soothing.

Professional Career

At the beginning of her professional career, she also worked as a clinical research manager. There, she worked as an employee for some of the best medical companies, such as Lucentis. At the CAVE Consulting Group and UCLA Institute for Health Policy Analysis,  Beena worked at several positions during her career. She had been a hospital officer there. 

Moreover, for more than five years, she has been a case management manager at MedAmerica business. Beena Minhaj contributed a lot to the health sector. She was also offered a respectable promotion to the transformation consultant. Beena always keeps her confidence up and helps people.

Her Research Work and Experience

Beena actively researches the improvements in healthcare quality. She also thrives on implementing various innovations. So that she could make patient’s experiences more enjoyable, Beena also does charity work for helpless people. She also gives them special healthcare services. She has a great and helpful nature.


hasan minhaj wife

Although, Beena maintains a fairly quiet social media presence. Aside from all her accomplishments, Beena has always become quite a power in the life of Hasan. Each time the comedian comes with his beautiful significant wife in public, all keep their eyes on them. Beena Minhaj and Hasan know how to keep the attention and interests of the people.

Today we had dug deeper into Beena Minhaj’s professional and personal life.  People all around the world admire her as well. She has caught the attention of many. Her family, as well as her husband, are certainly proud of her accomplishments.

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